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Who is the CJVAC for ?

The CJVAC offers free legal information services to victims and all persons who are concerned or affected by a crime, such as :

  • relatives of a victim

  • witnesses to a crime

Individuals can consult the CJVAC regardless of whether or not the crime is reported to the authorities, and whether or not the perpetrator is known.

Who provides the information to the CJVAC ? 

An interdisciplinary team of law and criminology students answer victims' questions :

  • law students provide legal information

  • criminology students welcome, support,

    accompany, and refer victims in their search for information and services

 What information does the CJVAC offer?

The CJVAC offers a interdisciplinary legal information service that is adapted to the needs and particular situation of individuals on a variety of subjects,

including : 

  • Filing a complaint with the police

  • Proceedings in criminal, civil, family and administrative courts

  • Restorative justice and mediation

  • The role of victims and actors in the judicial process

  • Victims’ rights and ways to ensure they are recognized

  • Compensation procedures

  • Victim assistance programs and specialized psychosocial

    support services

How does the CJVAC work?

1. Make an appointment by phone or email.

2. Explain your situation and ask questions to the CJVAC interdisciplinary team in a 60 minute meeting. Then our team will work with you to schedule another meeting. The next meeting is usually conducted in about two weeks.

3. Receive legal information and referrals to resources tailored to your situation in a meeting of about 60 minutes.

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