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Being a victim of crime can have consequences for your health. You may therefore need support and assistance both medically and psychologically. For more information, see the sections below:

Medical support

soutien médical

Injuries sustained in a crime may require medical attention. For example, follow-up with specialists, dental care, particular treatments or medications.

If you were a direct victim of a crime, or if you had to intervene to help the victim during the commission of the crime you could be compensated. You must apply to the Compensation for victims of crime (IVAC).

For more information on IVAC and the services offered, visit their website.

To better understand how the IVAC applies to your situation or to get help with a refused application, contact the CJVAC to make an appointment.

For victims of sexual assault

Designated Sexual Assault Centres provide confidential medical and psychological assistance services to victims of sexual assault, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These centres can help you quickly anywhere in Quebec. They are located mainly in hospital emergency rooms and CLSCs.

You must visit a Centre if you want to undergo a forensic examination. This examination allows to gather evidence related to the assault if you file a complaint.

For more information on designated Sexual Assault Centres or to find the Centre nearest you, call 1 (888) 933-9007 or visit their website.

Support and assistance

soutien et accompagnement

A criminal act often causes psychological consequences on the direct victims, but also on their relatives and witnesses. If you have been the victim of a crime, directly or indirectly, you may need support.

Sometimes talking to a friend or family member can help a victim meet their need for support. If you feel the need to talk about what you are going through, don't hesitate to confide in someone you trust.

You may also need professional help to support you psychologically and accompany you in the steps you may want to take. If you feel the need, there are several resources to help you.

General resources
Specialized resources

Psychological support

soutien psychologique

If your psychological symptoms persist, you may need psychological follow-up.

The Ordre des psychologues du Québec offers a search tool to find a psychologist who meets your needs on their website.

Compensation for Victims of Crime (IVAC) can reimburse sessions or offer psychological follow-up to victims and their loved ones. For more information, you can consult their website.

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